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Birdtrading company Jado is a wholesale company, exporting birds to many countries in the world.   Jado is a family company that exists for over 50 years We buy and sell birds which are bread in the Netherlands.
We are specialized in Canaries, European culture birds, tropical birds, Australian, African, Asian and South-American parakeets. If you are interested in phasants or ground birds, don't hesitate to contact us and we will attend to your demand.

For the canaries we are specialized in color, singing and posture canaries.
We can offer a wide range in culture birds ,like mayor goldfinch,bullfinch ,sisikin and all their mutations
Regarding tropical birds an parakeets, we have many different kind off mutation available.

All birds are delivered by very good breeders from Holland.
Quality and trust are our trademarks.

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